Custom Fabrication Service

We provide line-ready fabricated profiles or completely assembled units per customer specifications. Our goal is to create strategic partnerships with customers to make sourcing a one-stop process.

  • Cut-to-length (standard in-line tolerance range from 1/32″ – 1/2″ depending on profile size and complexity)
  • Mitering
  • Drilling (manual & in-line)
  • Punching (manual & in-line)
  • Notching (manual & in-line)
  • Adhesive tape application
  • Welding of flexible PVC.


What is a dual durometer extrusion?

It is a co-extrusion process that fuses two materials of different physical properties into one uniform or consistent cross section. The most common of these extrusions is the combination of a rigid material, for strength, with a soft or flexible material, for function, into various one-piece profiles.

Does Loxcreen extrude dual durometer profiles?

Yes. We co-extrude a variety of shapes and compounds and can extrude PVC (polyvinyl chloride) to PVC, PVC to urethanes, PVC to T.P.E. (thermoplastic elastomer) and polypropylene to T.P.R.’s (thermoplastic rubber).

What are the advantages of dual durometer extrusions?

By joining two materials of different physical properties, structural integrity and flexible function can be combined into one part. For example, when a rubber gasket must be attached to a metal part to provide a closure seal, a dual durometer extrusion combines both functions into one piece, which significantly reduces assembly costs while enhancing performance and function.

Does M-D produce its own tooling for plastic extrusions?

Yes. We have a fully integrated tool room to make extrusion dies and vacuum calibration utilizing a 4-axis wire EDM.

Why is PVC (polyvinyl chloride) one of the most commonly used compounds?

Because PVC can be easily modified at a low cost for most extrusion applications. With the addition of plasticizers, it can be made very soft, very hard or anything in between. Some plasticizers are more permanent and will allow the material to remain flexible at very low temperatures. Other additives increase impact resistance, weatherability and chemical resistance. PVC is easily colored and extruded.

How do you measure hardness of a PVC compound?

The hardness of a PVC compound is measured by using a durometer tester. This instrument consists of a dial gauge with a needle point. When the needle is pressed into the material, a reading is obtained on the gauge that indicates the hardness. The most common reading is based on a 15 second delay.

What type of quality system does Loxcreen operate under?

The Plastics Group in Brooklet, Georgia was first certified to the ISO 9002 Quality Management System in October 1995.  Currently registered to ISO9001:2008.

Which industries do you serve?

As a custom extruder, we serve many different industries. We work closely with our customers to provide the highest quality thermoplastic extrusions. Our primary focus is the door and window, store fixture, market, marine, commercial refrigeration, millwork, and the golf cart industries.

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